CORSAIR Raptor M4 Laser Gaming Mouse


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Designed for precise control

The 6000dpi laser sensor and 1MHz report rate give you the accuracy you need for competitive gaming. 

Adjustable to your playing style

Corsair Raptor M4 is a precision gaming tool designed to help you win, no matter how you play.

Comfortable for hours of gaming

The right-handed design has extra-wide PTFE glide cables, soft-touch paint, and a low-friction braided cable.

High-Resolution laser sensor with on-the-fly DPI adjustment

Select super-accurate 400 DPI for lining up sniper shots, or step up all the way to 6,000 DPI for fast getaways.

1MHz USB report rate

Enjoy the advantage of a super-fast response rate when microseconds count. The response rate can be adjusted to 500Hz for compatibility with all systems.

Six buttons

Five of the buttons are remappable under Windows, so you can have one-click access to critical game functions.

Adjustable weight tuning

Corsair Raptor M4 comes with a set of 16 weights for precise balance tuning.  

Extra-Large PTFE glide pads

The larger surface area gives you low-effort movement on a wide variety of gaming surfaces.

Low-Friction braided cable with customizable cord positioning

The slippery design reduces the chance of your mouse cable getting caught or tangled during intense play, and you can reposition the cable to lead from the side of the mouse, instead of the front.