TRITTON's officially licensed Titanfall Kunai Stereo Headset delivers a comfortable, high-quality audio experience for Xbox 360, plus mobile gaming and music. The Kunai outputs high-fidelity game and chat audio through two precision-tuned 40mm speakers employing neodymium magnets. When not gaming at home, the 3.5mm adapter cable enables plug-and-play connectivity with smartphones and mobile devices. Providing separate volume controls for game audio and voice chat plus a set of exclusive Titanfall decals for simple customization the Titanfall Kunai is an ideal headset for the in-game soundscape of deep space.

- Exclusive Set of Titanfall Decals
A set of exclusive decals are included to further enhance the headset's Titanfall appearance. Easy to apply and remove, you're free to embellish the headset with a unique design you created yourself.
- Independent Game and Voice Volume Control
If the chatter from your online rivals gets distracting and starts to hinder your gameplay experience, just turn a dial on the headset's in-line audio controller to quickly tune them out. Game volume can also be adjusted on-the-fly* so you can drown out your foe's voice but still hear the game's soundtrack.
*Xbox 360 only.
- Supports Online Chat
The Kunai will transform your online gaming experience by opening up the lines of communication with remote gamers. Simply connect the headset to your device and then strike up a conversation with teammates or opponents.
- Flexible and Removable Mic with Mute
While listening to your favorite tunes or simply watching a film, a headset's microphone can become a hindrance. Connect and disconnect the Kunai's detachable performance mic to meet your needs. And for those occasions when privacy matters, mute the microphone by simply sliding a switch.
- Designed for Extreme Comfort
The Kunai keeps your ears comfy with its padded, adjustable headrail, which extends an extra 1.25 inches on either side to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. When it's time for a break from the action, the soft earcups swivel to provide a comfortable around-the-neck resting position.

- Product Specs
Cable Length: 14ft/4.25m (Xbox 360) 3ft/1m (Mobile)
Speaker Diameter: 40mm
Ear Coupling: Supra-aural (On-ear)
Magnet Type: Neodymium
Frequency Response: 20Hz20kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <1%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 106 dB/V
Resistance: 16 ohms
Audio Input Types: RCA; 3.5mm
Power Source: USB

- Product Includes
Kunai Stereo Headset with 3.5mm Mobile Device Connection Cable
In-line Audio Controller Cable
Removable, Flexible Microphone with Mute
RCA Cable Adapter with Pass-through
Analog Audio Adapter
2 Xbox LIVE Communication Cables
Exclusive Titanfall Decal Set
- Minimum PC System Requirements:
Windows XP and Higher
USB 2.0 Port
Impedance16 Ohm
Cable length400 cm
Headphones frequency response25 - 20 000,00 Hz
Audio systemStereo
Surround soundNo
Microphone moutingArm mount
Volume controlCable-integrated
Volume controlPlastic shield
ConnectorsMini Jack x1