Modecom MC HF-10 Stereo Bookshelf Speaker



MODECOM MC-HF10 were designed for those seeking great audio experience from their PC speakers with limited space in mind at the same time. It’s construction provides excellent sound performance and it’s classical outlook makes it a perfect match for any environment.
Speakers are enclosed in MDF board cabinets that offer great acoustics for the set.
Sound control panel was placed on the side of one of the satellites which provides easy access to the knobs located on that panel.

Active speakers dimensions: 110x110x182mm
Drivers: 1” + 3”
Power RMS: 5W x 2
Frequency response: 150Hz-20kHz
SNR: 60dB
Signal input: 2 x RCA
Signal input cable length: 150 cm
2-Wire Passive speaker connection cable length: 150 cm
Power: AC 230V @ 50 Hz ~ 80mA
Package contents:
1.Speakers: 1 stereo set
2.Signal cable 2RCA-3.5mm jack: 1 pc.
3.2-wired cable to connect passive speaker: 1 pc.
4.User’s manual