Natec Cama Laptop Bag



Cama bag is fitted with a main compartment with an additional foam compartment for 15.6-inch notebooks. Such solution guaranties notebook protection against unforeseen fall. Three pockets, located at the front of the bag, including two small ones with zips and the oblong one, Velcro-fastened, are suitable for keeping handy accessories like a mouse or a power supply. There are another two pockets at the back of the bag, where you can keep a wallet, a battery charger or a smartphone.

The bag is made of tough nylon resistant to tearing, and the special material coating does not absorb water, and is moisture resistant. A solid grip does not cause a feeling of discomfort while carrying the bag for long hours. Cama bag is fitted with a comfortable, profiled strap with a soft shoulder cushion which enables the user to keep the bag on his shoulder when he feels pain in his hands.

Natec Cama is a well thought out product. Good quality materials, attention to detail, ergonomics, and functionality create the new value, which will be appreciated by the young and active people from big cities.