Natec Keyboard GENESIS RX75 gaming mechanical



RX75 is a professional mechanical keyboard for demanding gamers. Through the use of cutting edge technology of mechanical switches, each game has reached a new higher level.

resilient switch 
The keyboard includes 104 high-quality and durable mechanical switches with a life of 50 million clicks, which for its activation, require grip strength 60 grams. Thanks to the minimum reaction time will keypad Genesis RX75 offers a huge advantage that allows you to win almost every battle. Black Asian producer switches feature a more linear pressed without a click, you appreciate people who are planning to use your keyboard also in everyday work and not just in games.

Keyboard is equipped with anti-ghosting for most keys, which allows you to use any combination of keys at the same time, without fear that some of them are not registered. Undisturbed and comfortable playing now will be standard.

Windows function key lock 
Keyboard also includes a function key lock Windows, which is especially popular among the players. This prevents accidental stop play and transition to the main desktop.

multimedia keys 
Thanks klávesům multimedia keyboard usage will be more comfortable and control multimedia functions much easier.

Comfort and Safety 
Professional game also requires adequate comfort and sense of security. They deliver the solution as a fully rubberised upper body or special holes for water drainage in caseof a spill keyboard. Comfort player also increases stud beneath wrists covered with a rubber coating, which ensures perfect comfort during long hour use.

Keyboard dimensions: 450x164x39mm 
Keyboard weight: 1,250 g 
Interface: USB 2.0 
Number keys: 104 
The path length switch: 4.0 mm 
The force required to activate the key: 60 g 
Cable length: 1.8 m