Razer Lachesis gaming mouse



Product Description

Equipped with the revolutionary 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5G Laser sensor, the Razer Lachesis gaming mouse returns in a fresh look and even more lethal precision and accuracy than ever. Its nine programmable Hyperesponse buttons, its 1000Hz Ultrapolling with 1ms response and the new customizable lighting make it a formidable weapon in your arsenal of destruction. Beat the snot out of your buddies and look cool doing it.

The Razer Lachesis takes on the same lethal traits as its namesake that will send shivers down your enemies’ spines. It knows no rules and takes no hostages. Victory beckons –move in for the kill.

The Razer Lachesis reigns supreme with a high precision 5600dpi 3.5G Laser sensor, which enables movement speeds of 7 times that of a standard 800 dpi optical infrared sensor. Fragging has never been that easy.

The Razer Lachesis allows programming of every single button with reduced latency for optimum gameplaydue to Razer’s Hyper esponse technology. With its ambidextrous form all nine buttons are comfortable to reach for both left and right-handed gamers.

Customize the look of the Razer Lachesis however you want. With the new multicolor-LED you get a unique look and style on your favorite gaming weapon. The new multicolor-LED allows for personalization of the look of the Razer Lachesis–choose from 16 million colors to create unique styles and looks, even independently changing the colors of the mouse wheel and Razerlogo.

Its symmetrical shape and ambidextrous form factor allows the Razer Lachesisto be wielded equally lethally by left as well as right-handed gamers.

Personal mouse settings are saved to 60KB of built-in memory on the Razer Lachesis. Make use of the same configuration regardless of whether the computer has installed drivers.